The Best Short Layered Hairstyle for Women 2016

Short Layered Hairstyle - New hairstyles are almost always welcome, particularly in the beginning of a fresh season.

#17 Short Layered Pixie
Written by Cindy Marcus

This super short {haircut|hair cut|new hair-do} has tons of {texture|consistency|structure} built in. This style {is almost|is nearly|is practically} no maintenance at all!
 {A short|A brief|A quick} layered pixie hairstyle

Style by {Attitudes|Behaviour|Perceptions} A Salon, Toledo, {OH|OH YEA|WOW}

How To Style:

{Towel|Bath towel|Hand towel} dry hair {and add|through adding} a little wax to create definition and movement {throughout|through|during} your layers. Done!

#18 Modern Layers
Written by Cindy Marcus

This is a fun, modern {haircut|hair cut|new hair-do} that incorporates different {lengths|measures|plans} of layers {to create a|to make a} more whimsical yet structured style.
A short and modern layered hairstyle

Style by Elon Salon, Marietta, GA

How To Style:

{While|Whilst|Although} hair is damp, apply a volumizing mousse.
{Blow|Strike|Whack} dry using {a big|a huge|a sizable} {round|circular|rounded} brush.
Instead of {rolling|moving|going} hair {away from|far from|from} your face, roll towards it!
{Use|Make use of|Employ} hairspray and/or firm {hold|keep|maintain} styling wax {to hold|to keep|to carry} {hair|curly hair|locks} in place.

#19 Multi-Toned
Written by Cindy Marcus

This soft and easy multi-toned style features {longer|much longer} layers {and is|and it is|and is also} {ideal for|exquisite for|simply perfect for} most face shapes. This style also looks great on older women. If {you're|if you're|most likely} over 40, check {out|away} these cute hairstyles for women over 40.
 {A short|A brief|A quick} layered hairstyle for {older|old|more mature} women

Style by Elon Salon, Marietta, GA

{How To|How you can|Tips on how to} Style:

Use a volumizing mousse as well as heat protecting spray on damp hair, then {blow|strike|whack} dry hair {utilizing a round|utilizing a circular|utilizing a rounded|by using a round|by using a circular|by using a rounded} brush.
Roll brush toward the face when {pulling|tugging|drawing} it through the {ends|ceases|draws to a close}.
{Use a|Make use of a} pomade to {slightly|somewhat|a bit} separate the ends after it's dry.

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