Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Sunday Swoon: Tessa Virtue

Alright everyone, the Vancouver Olympics is officially over today.

It was a good 18 weeks of competition. Now we all get to go back to never caring about curling for the next four years. However, before we close the book on the proceedings, we have to choose the winner of the most important Olympic competition of all: The Hottest of the Games! It's better than a gold, silver, or bronze medal... It's actually not even a medal at all. It's a travel-sized can of Designer Impostors Body Spray, the Sensuale scent (If you liked Glow by J.Lo...) and I covered it in fuchsia glitter.

Anyway, the coveted Body Spray goes to Canada's own ice dancing queen Tessa Virtue (above), the 20 year old from London in Cananananada (mispelling intentional) who along with simmering hottie Scott Moir won the gold medal for, um, ice dancing, which I just said. If you didn't see Virtue and Moir's winning dance, WATCH IT NOW. It's that good.

Heterosexual romance has always been a little boring to me but their dance brought it back! So freakin' beautiful. I chose Virtue because aside from having a face like a Disney princess, she's got a body like a whippet and a saucy personality. Otherwise known as The Total Package. (p.s. the U.S. four-man bobsled team almost took this title, but they are more like a Sunday Fiver in My Apartment). Who was your Olympic fave?


Pom said...

My favorite of the games - not necessarily hottest - was Johnny Weir. Handled himself with a great deal of class and grace despite the cards being stacked against him from the very start. His skate was beautiful and he most certainly earned the bronze even if the judges didn't see fit to give him his due. Ok.. got that off of my chest!

Shaun White is phenomenal. Mini Me adores him and I can see why. And I love the relationship he has with his coach.

I just wanna say thank you thank you thank you for NOT putting the played out and overdone Lindsey Vonn as your swoon! I couldn't be more tired of seeing her face and hearing her whining! I could hug you! lol

Junior said...

Hey Pom! I totally agree about Johnny Weir. While he wasn't as good as some of the others, he was certainly better than the bronze medalist who I think fell down at least once! I love Shaun White too (I need to know what kind of conditioner he uses....)

And OF COURSE I wouldn't have picked Lindsey Vonn! Literally, my mother and I would call each other every time she came on the TV just to make fun of her. Great skier. So incredibly annoying!

Pom said...

Lindsey Vonn is an inconsistent skier. I can't ski at all and so I might be overstepping a bit but to achieve "greatness" in anything I think there is a certain requirement of consistency. As far as I can tell, doing well is a fluke for her!

And I totally understand why Julia Mancuso gets frustrated with her...

Junior said...

Oh no you didn't Pom! Are you saying all of the telecasters' fawning over her was all due to boyhood crushes? I actually heard one of them say she was the greatest women's skier to ever ski!

Pom said...

Oh yeah. I said it. Boyhood crushes and catty bitches. I went there. uh huh!