Friday, October 30, 2009

Twinnies or No Twinnies?

Yeah, yeah, yeah... So Adam Lambert released his album cover (below) and it turned out to be a retro glam explosion of fabulosity covered in so much stardust and galaxy essence that it literally caused Carl Sagan to come alive just to dramatically say "let's take a journey into outer space..." for a hot second before flying back to whatever heavenly plane he's currently exploring. Much love Carl.

I choose to reserve judgment on the issue, Lambert not Sagan, until I hear some music. But, until then, there is something I can't seem to get outta my head every since I saw that cover, which is fierce no doubt. However, that being said, is it just me or is Glambert serving up, well um, 80s inspired glamazonianess... with a big heaping side of Leslie Carrington (below) for good measure...

Twinnies, right? It's like he's the sister and she's the brother, right?

For those of you who have no idea who Leslie Carrington is (!), refresh yourselves on the wonders of "Dynasty" and try not to disappoint me in the future... "Dynasty" is life!

Now who do you think Lambert looks like in his album cover?

(p.s. Smurf is an acceptable answer).


Dani said...

OMG YES YES YES! So true! Sooo true.

Sam said...

Oh my God, I had completely forgotten about Leslie Carrington/Teri Garber. She was hot for about a year in the 80s after making that Civil War mini series playing Patrick Swayze's slutty sister. Am I right?

Junior said...

LOL Dani! I know!

Sam, you are too much! Yes, she so was in "North & South." She's still alive too. Teri if you're out there, whatchadoin?!