Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Top... However Many I Feel Like: Favorite Men From New York City!

Alright, let's stop playing.

This is the post you all have been waiting for. Yes, sure there are lots of great places in New York City, and lots of great entertainment based in the city, but what is the city's most abundant and wondrous output?

It's Men!

I could dress up the following list as wanting to show you the caliber of people that New York City has put out into the world of entertainment but we all know that this post is a reason to ogle at some seriously hot men who were seriously born within the city limits of New York. It really is that simple. Now I have more work to do tomorrow because I plan on showing you a lot of places, so enjoy the eye candy and I will see you later.

If you know some hot NYC men, please contribute!

Now, please place your hands on the keyboard where I can see them...

Thank you. Let's begin.

Donald Faison (above).

Anderson Cooper (above).

Peter Gallagher (above).

Wilson Cruz (above). Born in Brooklyn.

Eddie Cahill (above).

The late Christopher Reeve (above).
A gorgeous, wonderful man yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Vin Diesel (above).

Zac Posen (above).

Jerry O'Connell (above).

Franky G (above). Born in Brooklyn.

And of course...

Jeremy Piven (above).

And last but certainly not least in my bed tied to the headboard with a blindfold on because I'm gonna do some things to him tonight that no one needs to see...

LL Cool J (above). Born in Queens.




Dani said...

Mmmmmmmm. LL Cool J does all kinds of things to me. He's so fine in so many... many ...many.... ways. Dayam he's good.

Love your list. Love your post. Love NY men.

*Side note: I'm as sure as butter on bread that Jerry O'Connell is Canadian?

Junior said...

Thanks Dani! Hopefully, this will tide you over until the end of the week! And I believe O'Connell starred in shows in Canada but he and his brother Charlie (remember from that awful "The Bachelor"?) grew up in Manhattan! I know!

Sam said...

Anderson always poses with his guns flexed. He must have an endless supply of tight black T-shirts.

Junior said...

Hi Sam! Of course he does... And I'm not complaining! Plus, he can't pronounce his double t's which is simply adorable...

Sam said...

And when Kathy Griffin makes him laugh so much he can't speak? Adorable!

sooperserial said...

I'm not really into Christopher Reeve or Vin Diesel... but the rest of that eclectic list is hott, hott, hott!


Junior said...

Hey everyone! First, Sam, I know. His little giggle is totally the cutest! And Lauren, for shame!

Not into Superman! But that's OK. Vin Diesel I understand. I only added him because I couldn't find anyone else!

Allan S. said...

Honey, we grow some good men in NYC. My how Wilson Cruz has evolved into a papi chulo!

Junior said...

Tell me about it Allan! Cruz is on fire right now. Plus, not only was in he in the "Noah's Arc" movie but he's also in "He's Just Not that Into You"! He's a movie star!

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the photo of LL Cool J from? Thank you.

Junior said...

The Interwebs, Anon.